Thursday, 28 July 2016

Valerie Topete - Tips For Being Successful As A Bike Courier

Valerie Topete has been a bike courier for several years. She started out as a freelancer but now works for a company called Mercury Rising. If you enjoy riding bikes and want to make a living doing so, these tips can show you how to become a successful bike courier.

Valerie Topete Be On Time

You won’t be able to keep a job if you can’t deliver packages on time. You need to be fast and efficient at what you do and give the employers a reason to choose you over other couriers or people offering similar services.

Have A Good Bike

Your bike can determine how fast you are able to perform your duties and how comfortable you are while doing them. You can’t use a regular bike for courier services you need to choose one that is modified for the job. You may also choose to modify your bike yourself.

Be Dedicated

Being a bike courier isn’t an easy job. You have to be able to deliver various documents and packages and often have short deadlines to meet. You may also have to go out and find the jobs you want. Many bike couriers are freelancers and spend a lot of time hunting jobs.

If you are or want to be a bike courier, there are several things you can do to make your business successful. Valerie Topete has been working as a bike courier for several years and loves what she does. The tips above can help you become successful as a bicycle courier too.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Valerie Topete - Tips For Freelance Bike Couriers

Valerie Topete is a bike courier in New York. She currently works with a company called Mercury Rising but worked as a freelancer for many years. Being a freelancer means you have to find your own clients and sometimes work harder at your job. If you are a freelance bike courier, these tips can help make you more successful

Valerie Topete

Choose The Right Bike
When you decide to become a bike courier, you should have a good bike that can help you get the job done. Not every bike can be used for a courier bike so you need to choose one that is durable and comfortable. You should also keep in mind that you will be using your bike every day and it will need repairs done regularly. There are certain bikes that are designed to be used for courier services or you can have your own bike modified.

Become Familiar With The Area
You need to be able to deliver your packages and documents quickly and that means you should know the delivery area well. You won’t be able to ride a bike and look at a map so it is a good idea to study maps and become familiar with the area before you start working. If you don’t make your deliveries on time, you may not get paid for them.

Stay Safe
Being a bicycle courier can be a dangerous job, especially if you are working in a big city. You always need to be safe while doing your deliveries. You should carry pepper spray with you in case you run into trouble and be aware of your surroundings at all time. If you do not feel safe in a certain area, you should avoid going there. Trust your gut instinct and if you do not feel comfortable delivering to a certain area, speak up and let the company you work for know how you feel.

Finding Jobs
It can be hard to find a job as a bike carrier. Many businesses and companies do not use bicycle couriers and it can be a competitive job market. If you cannot find a job as a bicycle courier you can offer your services to different companies. You never know who will take you up on your offer and help you start your career as a courier. Many couriers are freelancers who work on different projects and with different clients throughout their careers.

Valerie Topete knows that being a freelance bike courier can be difficult, but it can also be a successful career. If you want to be a freelance bike courier or already are and want to be more successful, these tips can help.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Valerie Topete - Staying Safe In New York

Valerie Topete has been working in New York City as a bike courier for several years. She enjoys the freedom it gives her and being able to meet new people and clients. Working in a big city like New York can have its risks, but if you know how to stay safe you don’t have to worry or feel nervous. These tips can help you stay safe while working or living in New York City.

Valerie Topete
Don’t Look Like A Tourist
Many criminals look for tourists because they are vulnerable. If you do not want to be the target of a crime, you need to avoid looking like a tourist. This means avoiding wearing souvenir t-shirts, looking at maps and wandering along slowly. Make sure you walk confidently and look comfortable.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
You should never let your guard down when you are in a big city and should always be aware y of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain area, quickly find your way out of it. Keep an eye on the people around you and avoid dangerous parts of the city

Don’t Flaunt Your Belongings

Avoid wearing jewelry, carrying expensive phones, cameras or other objects or flaunting any other personal belongings you may have with you. These things can make you a target by showing criminals you have such items or the means to afford them. Dress modestly and leave your expensive jewelry at home.

Take A Cab

If you aren’t sure if your destination is safe or how to get there, take a cab. A cab driver will be able to deliver you to your location safely and tell you if the location is safe or if you should go somewhere else instead. You can easily find a cab on almost any street and riding in a cab is much safer than walking on most occasions.

Stick To The Main Streets

If you aren’t familiar with the streets of New York, make sure you stay on the main ones. It only takes one wrong turn to find yourself in the bad part of town and that can put you at risk to be the victim of a crime. If you will be visiting the city at night make sure you stay on streets that are well lit and not empty. When there are people nearby, you are less likely to be victimized.

Not everyone has what it takes to live in a city as large as New York. Valerie Topete enjoys working in a fast-paced city that offers unique experiences and people. If you are worried about staying safe in New York City, the above tips can help.