Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valerie Topete - Equipment for the Professional Bike Messenger

Valerie Topete is currently serving as a professional bike messenger for a company in New York City called Mercury Rises. The company has become one of the leaders in the business, and a great deal of that success is due to her success. She has become the top messenger for Mercury Rises, and is always ready for the next important delivery.
Valerie Topete
Valerie Topete
New York City is huge. Valerie Topete used to suffer from anxiety when she moved to the area seven years ago to begin a career. However, her job has taught her the best way to navigate the dense traffic, and now she never leaves home without her bike. Through out her time as a messenger, she has learned what equipment has become essential to her success.

The first piece of equipment you’ll want to have is a helmet. They are essential for quickly delivering important messages around the city. However, no message is more important than your brain.

The next piece of equipment you’ll want to have is a pair of gloves. When you’re delivering messages fast and frequently, your hands get sweaty, which makes them slip on your bike grips causing blisters.

One other essential piece of equipment for the bike messenger is a small, bike computer. A sensor attaches to the front wheel spokes, and a small screen, slightly larger than a watch, connects to the handle bars. They track your speed, distance, and time during a ride.

Valerie Topete always has her equipment ready to go for the next job, and she has learned how essential it is through out her career.