Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Valerie Topete - Bike Messenger Equipment

Valerie Topete is a mother, wife, and bike courier that has been working in the profession for over seven years now. Being a bike courier has been a unique experience for her, one that has made her a part of a sub-culture all its own. The job comes with its own set of rules, practices, accepted beliefs, and even some special equipment.

Valerie Topete

While the most obvious bit of equipment needed for a bike courier is a bicycle, there are many other pieces of equipment that are necessary for the occupation. Even the kind of bike one gets matters, as most couriers tend to favor fixed-gear bikes, as they require little maintenance and are simple. There is also little need for multiple gears, as most bike courier services are done in urban areas with relatively flat, level terrain.

Another important bit of gear for a bike courier is a lock. A lock is an important safety measure to deter theft while making deliveries. Simple chain and padlocks are often used, though specialized U-locks are also popular. Bike couriers also usually carry basic tools for quick repairs, weather-proof clothing, a backpack, and a street map. Sometimes basket mounts are used as well, depending on the kind of packages the courier regularly delivers.

Valerie Topete has had some interesting experiences as a bike courier. She has learned that it is important to have the right tools for the job. That is why Topete is always fully-equipped with a multitude of items to make sure that she is safe, well provisioned, and on the right track.