Friday, 8 January 2016

Valerie Topete - Rising to the Top

Valerie Topete became a high-ranked bike courier at the highly competitive bike courier company Mercury Rises in only two years. Employees often don’t make it through their first month at Mercury Rises because of the fierce competition for the best-paying routes and the most opportune clients. But Topete rose fast because she had the skills to compete against anyone at the company and she wasn’t afraid to provide herself with opportunities to show her skills.


Valerie Topete learned how important opportunity was in a corporate setting during her early weeks with Mercury Rises. In an environment in which employees are encouraged to directly challenge each other, she quickly found herself taking some of the best routes available and moving up in the company. Valerie Topete had the advantage of learning the city and how to stay safe on almost any route by working as a freelance bike courier for three years before. She still took routes that she wasn’t familiar with and challenged some of the most skilled riders at Mercury Rises. She didn’t win all of her challenges, but she showed that she wasn’t afraid to take on the most responsibility and take risks. Sometimes risks are the only opportunities you get in a highly competitive job environment like Mercury Rises. 

Valerie Topete has worked for Mercury Rises now for four years. As a high-ranking bike courier, she is entrusted with some of the company’s highest-profile clients and their very sensitive jobs. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.