Friday, 1 January 2016

Valerie Topete - Courier for Mercury Rises

Valerie Topete is a skilled professional bike courier working full-time for Mercury Rises, widely recognized as one of the top courier agencies in New York City. Topete worked as a freelance bike courier for three years after she moved to New York in 2008. For the past four years, she has worked for Mercury Rises. Topete has always loved to ride her bike and she feels that her position with Mercury Rises is the perfect fit for her and her dream of making a living by doing what she loves.

Working for Mercury Rises is not easy. The company’s owner, John Tudebaker, purposefully made his work environment at the clubhouse a den of competition. Employees have the opportunity to pick up more routes and work more if they can prove that they are more effective than other employees. This kind of direct competition put Valerie Topete on her heels at first, but before long she came to understand this practice. While many couriers only worked part-time, Valerie Topete worked a full week every week and found herself earning more work. Tudebaker, above all, tries to maintain a high standard of excellence for his company and his employees. He fosters this vision by creating direct competition between employees to keep them fresh and on their toes.

Valerie Topete came to relish the opportunity that Tudebaker gave her and made a career out of delivering materials for clients throughout New York City, her dream job. She is now married with two kids.