Friday, 12 February 2016

Valerie Topete - How to Be a Professional Bike Messenger

Valerie Topete is young professional and artist currently living in New York City. She moved almost a decade ago in order to pursue a career in photography or singing, but decided that she needed a more stable means to support her lifestyle in such an expensive city. She is currently working for a local company called Mercury Rises, which is based in the bike messaging industry.

Valerie Topete

Valerie Topete has become the most successful bike messenger for her company, and is determined to continue her success in order to operate her own business in the industry in the near future. She is even taking businesses classes at a local college in order to support her professional dreams. She is always willing to help out her fellow colleagues in order to make Mercury Rises even more successful.

One of the tips she gives other messengers in the field is always know your route. As you continue to work in the field, you will begin to learn the ins and outs of the city, as well as shortcuts to particular areas or frequent delivery locations. However, it is always important to submerse yourself in your surroundings and find the best route before you set out.

Another tip she gives is to keep your bike in proper condition. Every morning before a day of work, she checks all aspects of her bike in order to ensure that she can ride as efficiently as possible, without hitting any snags along the way.

Valerie Topete hopes to use her skills to enhance the success of her future business, and she is determined to be successful in the industry.