Sunday, 25 September 2016

Valerie Topete - Photography Developer

Valerie Topete is a very skilled rider for a top New York City courier company called Mercury Rises. She started as a freelance courier and for three years she pushed herself to create a reputation that suited her drive and dedication to the job. It was that dedication and competitive nature that led her to Mercury Rises and top rider for her new company. Topete credits her success with her ability to multi-task.

Valerie Topete
Bicycling around the Big Apple everyday gives her the perfect opportunity to search for new and unique viewpoints for her photography. Always quick with at least her smartphone, she is always ready to capture the perfect image. Her fascination with everything New York City inspired her to start taking pictures of the architecture and people that she would see each day. As she became more versed in the layout of the city and began exploring parks and gardens with her two boys, Topete has more recently taken an interest in botanical images. 

Topete started off by just posting her favorite images to her personal social media site. The albums that she would upload of her treks around the city were so popular and the overwhelming support from her friends and family encouraged her to go professional. After conferring with some friends that already had online stores for their craft goods, Topete took their advice and created her own website. After launching her online business, Topete saw great sales and the demand for her work is skyrocketing. She continues to produce new images and uses her time at work and with the family to look for inspiration across the city. 

Her interest in photography has grown and she has recently taken an interest in the process of developing her own photos. While Topete took photography classes in high school, the actual development of film was never something that was covered. After researching different local options, she found a four-week class at her local junior college that would introduce her to the process. Now educated in basic techniques, Topete spends her evenings after the boys are in bed in her makeshift darkroom in the basement. 

The project of developing her own photos has been a long endeavor, but one that has renewed Valerie Topete’s dedication to her art. She has been able to explore different exposures and enjoys being able to develop her own photos. While the process is time consuming and the chemicals can be expensive, she believes that the fact she is processing her photos herself makes her photography more of an art form. In addition, the new development styles that she has been playing with have sold very well on her website in addition to the traditional prints.